Download the Tek Tonic Mind Control application - remote support for lazy techies.

"Look into my eyes. Deeper. Deeper...

You are feeling sleepy. Veeery sleepy.

You are now under our complete control!"

We can't swing a watch in front of your monitor to hypnotise your computer, but the program above is the cyber-equivalent of exactly that.

Download and run this program and then double-click on one of our names to allow us to take over your PC from here and fix any number of minor to very major PC problems all from the comfort of our armchairs.

Apart from allowing us to be very lazy, the real benefits to you are:

  • Much quicker response times

  • No call out charge

  • Less intrusive (no need to shave or check your makeup)

  • We can only do this at your request. We can't come into your machine when you're not there and you can kick us out at any point in the process.

  • Once you've kicked us out, we're out until you invite us back in again next time.