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  • Payroll Panic!

  • Tormenting Time Twister

  • Database Dilemma

  • Bandwidth Blowout

  • Network Niggles

  • A Licence to Print Money

Some comments from customers:

"Kevin promises customer service and that's what he delivers. He understands how dependent we are on our IT systems (and how ignorant we are of how they work) and - faster than a speeding bullet - he would be there and we'd be up and away again. Great service, sound advice and reasonable prices. Wish he wouldn't wear his underpants on the outside though."
Chris Bray, Director, Odyssey Marketing Group.

"Can I recommend Kevin? He is a God!" Jeannette Samundsen, Member of the Institute of Directors. (you can't make that kind of comment up...)

"I have personally dealt with Kevin Metcalfe for approximately 2.5 years as our IT provider.

"I have found him to be very friendly, punctual, honest and good at what he does.

Kevin & his team assisted us in 2 company take overs in the past 15 months and worked alongside our current Companies IT Staff with ease and helped make the transition as smooth as possible.

I would highly recommend Kevin Metcalfe to anyone considering him as their IT Provider."
Nancy Hazel, Cedenco Foods, Circle Pacific and Southmark Quality Foods.

"Computers are a tool that I use to make my life easier - I expect to turn them on and have them work for me without any fuss. I do not need to know how they work - just that they do. I need someone who I can trust to ensure that when things go wrong they will come along and fix them so I can carry on with my day. I need to know that the work done is genuine and cost effective without elaborate 'add on' charges that I would never realise. I also require someone who speaks my language and doesn't make me feel inferior if I require more explanation. Kevin Metcalfe provides all of the above - and then some; he makes it easy to pick up the phone and ask even the simplest question and 9 times out of 10 will offer simple solutions to try before coming out. This to me is invaluable as not only does it save money it also saves precious time as well. Kevin always gives me time no matter what and is also a great laugh over a coffee [white with 1]

If any one is looking for someone they can trust to save them time, money and keep life simple - Kevin Metcalfe is your man.

Trust + great friendly service + approachable = Kevin Metcalfe 100%
Julie Wakefield, General Manager Aotearoa Coolstores, Owner-operator 806 Motor Lodge, Hastings.

"We have dealt with Kevin and his team over around three years, the service is always quick (very important to us) accurate and friendly, I am very happy to recommend TekTonic to anyone wanting help or support with their IT needs" Shaun Telford, First Mobile, Napier & Hastings.

"Kevin Metcalfe has been our IT specialist for approx 3 years in regards to maintaining and correcting any technical issues with our main PC's, Fax machine and printers.

Our two main computers run constantly with the majority of all of our Vodafone websites and other systems such as POS needing to be open and running all day.

Whenever we have any technical problems he is always punctual as he understood that the nature of our day to day business relied on our computers being online all day.

Kevin always provides excellent service and ensures we incur very little downtime when our PC's played up.

Kevin is always polite, professional and also is excellent in explaining exactly what has occurred, in English, not computer speak, which we find to be very helpful.

We wish him all the best for the future."
Katrina Gillespie, Store Manager, First Mobile, 134 Dickens Street, Napier.

"We met Kevin Metcalfe when we computerized our business 8 years ago. He worked for Computer Connection in Napier at that time and was instantly agreeable to us with his patience and problem solving ability. He also had to deal with two middle-aged women who were computer illiterate and needed a lot of guidance. We turned to Kevin time and time again for help, instead of others, in those early years because of his unfailing patience and vast knowledge of computers, software and their idiosyncrasies.

When he left Computer Connection and started his own business, we followed and have been with Kevin ever since. He also took over the hosting of our Website and taught us how to administer it ourselves. At last we had some control, but not without Kevin's instigation and help, always cheerfully, calmly and willingly.

Whoever has the good fortune to meet and accept Kevin's new business initiative will be pleased.

We wish Kevin all the best in his new business venture in Auckland."
Rosalind Elliott & Charmian Jolly, Directors, Statements Gallery, Napier.

"I have known Kevin for over 5 years and have always found him knowledgeable, approachable and easy to communicate with.

With Kevin's business close to our offices, we always know how fortunate we are to have them at hand whenever we have a problem, which was always dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Anyone needing an efficient, no-nonsense IT specialist, Kevin's your man.

I have no doubt that Kevin's new business venture in Auckland will be successful.

I am very happy to provide a more extensive verbal reference."
Carolyn Scannell, S J Scannell & Co, Barristers & Solicitors, Hastings.

"The purpose of this letter is two-fold; firstly to advise of my retirement as Chairman of the Grower Trust Group, and secondly and more importantly to thank you for all the support you provided our company over the past years.

As I look at both of our companies I see distinct similarities between both of us. As you know a group of Hawke's Bay growers got together in 2002 when the industry was deregulated and set up a green fields operation to export their apples to customers in Europe, UK, USA, and Asia. They started with a completely blank Order Book and a truck load of confidence that they could build a professional team of people to bring this about. And they did - at year three export sales exceeded $25m.

You came on board as our IT Consultant at the very beginning and guided us through the rapid growth we experienced - starting with one computer in a home office to setting up a system that ultimately included a fully networked operation of coolstores and packhouse with wireless connection to four sites - and with the ability to access our server from a laptop anywhere in the world. I still remember the first time I logged on and downloaded some shipping data that was urgently required by our UK agent. It was at Starbucks in Piccadilly while I was on a marketing trip to Europe. Real magic! And it saved us some real serious money!

Kevin, you helped us grow our business by providing a consistently high level of professional service which I appreciated very much. Working with our main customer base in the Northern Hemisphere meant we had to operate in their time zones and we could always rely on you to provide that backup to us when needed.

As you move to Auckland we wish you all the best. We know your high level of practical skills coupled with your commitment to providing your customers with service par excellence is a win win situation. It is a guaranteed recipe for both you and your customers continued growth.

Please feel free to quote our company as one of your support fans!" Peter Young, Chairman, Grower Trust Group Holdings.