About Tek Tonic

Tek Tonic is the latest brainchild of Kevin Metcalfe, the guy who bought you Techno Joy - world class IT support, consultancy and all things web in the Hawke's Bay.

Having got bored of life in the provinces, he moved to Auckland late 2007. By early 2008 he'd finally washed off the last traces of tar and without a single feather in view he decided to start the whole thing up again here. Sucker for punishment that he is.

The basic philosophy behind Tek Tonic is to provide solid all-round IT consultancy and support to businesses and above all else - CUSTOMER SERVICE. Without customers any business is sunk. It's amazing, however, how many people in the IT industry just don't seem to understand that.

At Tek Tonic we're not happy with a job until you are. If you're not happy, it's our fault, and our job to do something about it. End of story.

Kevin Metcalfe has been working on computers for over 25 years (although with his sleek, boyish exterior, you wouldn't pick it.)

He started out on the ZX81 and quickly progressed to the ZX Spectrum where he found taking the games, and the computers, apart and modifying them much more fun than playing them!

He taught himself assembly language programming and then went on to study electronics, computing & business studies.

Originally from the UK (yes, he's an ex Pom, but we don't hold that against him - he supports the ABs now, wise man!) he has worked as a Software Engineer, IT Project Manager, Infrastructure Manager, Technical Research & Development Engineer and IT Consultant & Troubleshooter.

He has worked on IT projects for ENZA, AMP, Fonterra, Reuters, the UK Houses of Parliament, Thomas Cook's Global HQ, The BBC, Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank (previous owners of NZ's National Bank), Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Tokyo, British Telecom.

He has worked for prestigious consultancy firms such as Synergy International, KPMG and MCI System House and the well known Techno Joy.

His hobbies don't include ten-pin bowling, and he's never worked with anyone called Nicolas Flamel.